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A babysitter is a person who temporarily watches over a child while the parents are absent. A babysitter can be a family member, such as an older brother or sister, a grandfather or grandmother, an uncle or an aunt. A babysitter can also be a friend of the parents, a neighbour, or a person who does babysitting services (semi-)professionally.

The child to be sitted can be any age, from baby, toddler, preteen up to teenage, so babysitting is often a misleading (belittling) term.

Babysitting is often done at evenings to allow the parents to go out to see friends, go to a concert, watch a movie, or go dancing. Therefore, a babysitter's tasks often involve getting the child ready for and into bed. Though another common time is during school holidays, when otherwise the sitted would be home alone.

Babysitting and discipline

The babysitter acts in an in loco parentis role, i.e. he or she is expected and required to play temporarily the role of a parent. This includes the special rights and responsibilities that parents have. Generally, the child's parents will expect the babysitter to enforce good behavior and discipline. Some parents go as far as encouraging the babysitter to spank the child if felt necessary and inform the child before they leave that they explicitly give the babysitter spanking permission.

Babysitting scenes in role play

In ageplay role play, a babysitter scene lets switches take on a top/spanker role, without abandoning their possible primary bottom/spankee role, by only temporarily assuming delegated authority, while still being subjected to his or her own (or his or her charge's) guardian. The babysitter role allows a player to be both a spanker and spankee in a single role playing session.

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