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Brief Magazine was published by and for the 7th AAF, much in the same way as YANK magazine was published for the US Army.

Acquanetta - August 8th, 1944
Aug0844a.jpg Aug0844b Acquanetta.jpg
Angela Greene - Dec 12th, 1944
Dec1244a.jpg Dec1244b Angela Greene.jpg
Virginia De Luce - February 6th, 1945
Feb0645a.jpg Feb0645b Virginia De Luce.jpg
Jeanne Crain - March 27th, 1945
Mar2745a.jpg Mar2745b Jeanne Crain.jpg
Ramsay Ames - April 10th, 1945
Apr1045a.jpg Apr1045b Ramsay Ames.jpg
Dorothy Lamour - May 2nd, 1944
May0244a.jpg May0244b Dorothy Lamour.jpg
Jean Trent - May 22nd, 1945
May2245a.jpg May2245b Jean Trent.jpg
Barbara Hale - June 26th, 1945
62645sm.jpg 62645blg Barbara Hale.jpg

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