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On the this page, you will see pictures of who we all know as Laurel Blake, whose real first name is Heather, according to the photographer who took the picture.

I have opened a line of conversation with him, and he is very knowledgeable regarding all the models of the era, having worked with many of them. This photo of Laurel, is one he never published, still in his portfolio, and he has informed me that he has many more unpublished photos of Teri Martine, Sally Roberts, Kim, and others, I don't know how much he is willing to share, but, he, like so many of us, have found that NO ONE EVER SAYS THANK YOU AND THAT WHAT WE SHARE IS WONDERFUL.

So, should I be able to get him to join this group, you would all do me a BIG FAVOR if you would make a remark or two about his work. After all, that is really what we all share our stuff to hear, just a word or two of thanks.

I am putting this picture in the files, so any of you who want to collect it can get it full size, enjoy.



<center> These photos were posted to the internet as part of the "dib"

series posted between 1999 and 2001 by an anonymous poster.

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