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An artificial vagina is a device designed to simulate the female sex organ. To achieve this, it will generally be made of a soft material, lubricated, and sometimes heated. It may be designed for medical research purposes, animal breeding, or a sex toy for erotic stimulation.

Medical usage

A medical simulation device will be designed to accurately imitate some or all of the anatomical features and behaviors of an animal's vagina. It is typically used for collecting semen from various species, such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and even dogs and cats.

There are several types of the collecting apparatuses, but the general design is the following. An artificial vagina features a tube with an inner liner, usually sterile, with a hard outer shell. The walls of the tube are hollow and are filled with warm water for imitating the natural temperature. Vaginae retain the heat for better results. There is a special filter inside the tube for filtering the received semen from gel fraction. It should be made out of the light weighted materials for more convenient handling.

Artificial vaginae are widely used by farms in cattle artificial insemination programs and semen collection centers for collecting animal sperm and its further application.

Usage as sex toy

An artificial vagina for the purposes of sexual stimulation is essentially an aid to masturbation: it is designed to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse on the erect penis. It will often have moving parts such as vibrators that increase stimulation rather than accurately simulating a woman's vagina.

Usually the artificial vagina has a realistic or close to realistic appearance with a sleeve, where the male penis can be inserted in. The sleeve, or as it is also called "vaginal tunnel", measures in average from 4 to 8 inches and can have an open end for inserting vibrating bullet, if the user wishes.



This type of artificial vagina is molded from female genitals. For the advertising purposes many manufacturers design the vaginae like the exact replica of some famous pornographic actresses' vaginae. Realistic vaginae are made to simulate the natural physiology: pubic bones, hairs, labia, all natural creases and dimples, etc.

Many realistic vaginae are manufactured with an anal orifice for those users who prefer anal sex. The anal tunnel is narrower for tightening the male penis and therefore delivering more pleasures. Some vaginae even contain only anus without any vaginal openings, they just contain labia details and creases.

Though the natural vagina does not include any nubs and ribs inside the tunnel, the manufacturers add them into the artificial ones for enhancing the pleasure for the user.


Plans for a variety of home-made artificial vaginas have been published on the internet. An early example of this was the "simulacrum artificial orifice", published anonymously in the "" FAQ in the 1990s, which was constructed with a block of soft foam rubber, featuring a slit for the penis lined with a well lubricated condom held in place by an O-ring at the opening, and a wooden clothespin at the tip. Other improvised masturbators consist of hollowed out food items. An example of this is the "cucummer", which is made by softening the flesh of a cucumber with boiling water, trimming off sharp edges, and creating a vent slit in the end for air to escape on the in stroke, and suction to be created on the out stroke. This design is said to replicate the sensations of felatio more than it does vaginal intercourse.


These artificial vaginae may look like the previous one, but featuring a vibrating element. Usually it is a removable vibrating bullet that can be easily inserted into the hole in the bottom or into the end of the sleeve. For more intensive sensations there are a variety of functions: vibrating, pulsating, surging, multi-speed, etc.

Vibrating bullets are usually controlled by a panel connected by a wire. Some vibrating vaginas are designed for creating sucking effect and play the role of penis pumps. In this case the vagina is equipped with a bulb squeezed by the users.


Artificial vagina as a sex toy is designed from the materials that maximally imitate the natural skin. There are the following the most commonly used materials. The materials used in manufacturing artificial vaginas are stretchable and elastic for accommodating any penis size.

  • Cyberskin, Ultra realistic or Futurotic (mixture of PVC and silicone) and some other patented materials - natural feel materials that are quite porous that is why they need a special care before and after the use. These materials from the trade mark lines are also highly sensual and plush.
  • Plants (fruits and vegetables)- hollow cucumbers ("cucummers"), banana skins ("bananapuss"), papayas ("pumpaya") and other produce items can be used as improvised masturbators. They have the advantage of wide availability, low cost, and flesh-like texture. Detailed instructions for their preparation can be found on the internet.
  • Rubber (elastic hydrocarbon polymer)- an extremely flexible and resilient material with the high level of durability. Porous nature of rubber makes it hard to clean and care.
  • Jelly (Poly vinyl chloride) - very popular material for sex toys that creates the jelly-like feel, though it features a specific rubber odor.
  • Latex (synthetic rubber received from some special plants)- flexible material that in some rare cases may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

The elastic properties of all materials that are used in manufacturing artificial vaginas are combined with a porous nature and therefore vaginas require special care to avoid bacterial accumulation. Producers recommend protecting them by applying a condom during the use.

Other names

The artificial vagina is also known as:

  • pocket pussy
  • realistic vagina
  • vaginal tunnel
  • masturbator
  • simulacrum
  • Tenga

See also


  • "Collection methods". (Nov. 27, 2005). New Straits Times, p. F2.

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