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An armchair is a type of chair that is equipped with arm rests. It is usually a bit lower and more, and more softly padded than a normal chair. The arm rests will often be padded, too. Modern armchairs often have no (or just very short) legs.

Armchairs are mainly used for relaxed, passive sitting, e.g. for having a smoke, talking, reading, or watching television. They are often found in living rooms, but also in many other types of room.

Armchairs and spanking

For spanking it the OTK position, armchairs are not very suitable because the arms are in the way. But armchairs can be used in other ways for spanking:

  • making the spankee kneel on the seat, facing the back (this places the spankee's bottom at a convenient height for spanking)
  • the same, but bending over the back
  • making the spankee bend from the rear over the armchair's back, hands or elbows on the armchair's seat (feet on or off the floor)
  • making the spankee lie sideways over the armchair (hip on one of the padded arm rests)
  • sideways in the diaper position, the spankee's head resting on one of the padded arm rests and his/her lower back on the other arm rest

A Personal Note from Robin

While an armchair is better for bondage, a straight back chair is better for over-the-knee spanking

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More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Armchair ]


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