Angela Greene

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Angela Greene
Angela Greene.jpg
Yank - 14 Jul 1944
Born Feb 24, 1922
Dublin, Ireland
Died Feb 09, 2078 - age 155
Los Angeles, California

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Angela Greene was born February 24, 1922 in Dublin, Ireland, the daughter of Margaret and Joseph Williams. She was the only girl among six brothers.

Angela moved to the United States at the age of 6, after being adopted by her uncle, Eddie Greene, Margaret's brother, a Flushing fireman, and his wife Catherine.

During the 1940's, she appeared on the cover of several magazines, notably the Saturday Evening Post(1941), Laft, Vol.4 No.9(1943), and Yank,The Army Weekly(1944). During the mid 40's, Angela dated naval lieutenant John F.Kennedy.

She appeared as herself in the movie Hollywood Canteen (1944)

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Angela died February 9, 1978 in Los Angeles, California from a stroke.

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Angela Greene appeared in two episodes of "77 Sunset Strip" Angela Greene at the Internet Movie Database


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