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Ancilla Tilia. Photo by Peter W. Czernich.

Ancilla Tilia is a Duch fetish model, known for her glamour and latex modeling.


Information from website

Dear visitor,

So you've found my website and looked around a little bit. Hopefully you enjoyed what you've seen so far. Maybe even tantalizing your fantasy a bit. Now you are probably wondering where this all came from.

Let me tell you my story...

I was born on a sunny evening in 1985 around the 6 o' clock news as a healthy blond, blue eyed baby girl. My mom was delighted to see me growing up as a bright, down to earth young lady. Unlike many girlfriends of mine who wanted to be a princess, supermodel or rockstar I had a big heart for animals and had my mind set on being a veterinarian. Offcourse this job would require some years of college so during high school I settled for jobs as a salesgirl. Later on I made a "career switch"' to being a waitress in a 50's diner/bar. I had quite a good time there, it was very educational and a lot of fun. It was in this place that a magazine photographer spotted me and asked me to pose for the cover of a girls magazine (nothing dirty, I was a minor may I remind you!). At first I was a little reluctant and nervous at the thought of seeing myself on the shelf of a newsstand. But after careful consideration I decided I had nothing to lose and go for it.

The shoot turned out to be so much fun! I had a great time chatting with the makeup artist and running around being all glammed up. Looking at the results though, I couldn't quite identify with the person in the pictures. I am passionate and adventurous but the girl in the pictures reflected a sweet but boring girl-next-door type of girl! So when an amateur nudity photographer I knew from internet asked me to model for him in a more erm... naughty way I didn't have to think twice!

The shoot turned out as a very pretty old-style glam black & white series. I put the shoot on an online modeling community and before I knew it I was bombed with requests from photographers amongst which three from people who did test shoots for Playboy magazine... Wow, this was a lot more than I ever dared to dream of. I got some paid assignments which made a great addition to my skimpy waitress salary and met up with the playboy team to discuss the shoot. The photographer turned out to be a huge admirer of Helmut Newton (but then again, what photographer isn't these days) and we decided to do a studio shoot based on a picture in one of his books. The shoot took two days, and was very hard work, but the end result was worth the work times ten. I was intended to grace the cover, and a little disappointed when Netherlands' hottest actress was published in the same issue. My luck though, the issue turned out to be the best-sold Dutch Playboy in history. All of a sudden lots of old classmates, neighbors and colleagues remembered my phone number hahaha!

After the publication of my Playboy issue, I found myself in a place where — being tied to a year contract — my options for modeling in Holland were quite limited. Although being a professional model was never in any of my plans, I understood that I was given this opportunity, and more important, this title, that could open so many doors that I couldn't just leave it at this. I figured, if I couldn't do a whole lot in Holland, I would find my luck somewhere else, and what would be a better place to do this then the Mecca of modeling, Los Angeles! I made a list of people I longed to work with, both models and photographers as well as websites, most of them dedicating much of their work to various streams in the fetish world. I sent them an email that I would stalk them for eternity unless they worked with me, packed my bags and took off. I was astounded to find that most of them were actually delighted to work with me! You can find most things I did there on this website. Returning to the Netherlands, I started working on getting my own website together. Despite of some problems with web designers, a lot of people kept supporting me, following my work and signing up to my mailing list, which I am so thankful for! Now, finally, everything has come together and I hope to be able to do much more with, working together with more photographers, cute colleagues and updating you with a lot more sexy, interesting and pretty material of my own taste then ever.

For now, I really like this unexpected road my life took and who knows when I'm 50 and my modeling career runs to an end I will become a veterinarian too. After all, dreams are better when lived.

Date of birth 
21st of July, 1985
1.72 cm / 5'8"
58 kg / 127,5 lbs
72C- 63- 96 / 34CD-25-38
Shoe size
37 (EUR) / 6.5 (US)
Dress size
38 (EUR) / 8 (US)
Medium blonde, the colour I have now should be pretty much the same as my natural haircolor.
Cancer. I don't really believe in astrology much, but I do think its funny that all of my best friends are either pisces, scorpio or taurus!
Birth place
Rotterdam, The Netherlands I have also lived in Antwerp, Belgium for about 6yrs.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
My mother is originally Belgian, my father Dutch.
I have four cats, all of them adopted. I have three boys: Peluche, and the overweight brothers Garfield and Sylvester and my little girl Picasso. I'd really love to get me a sphynx bold cat, but unfortunately my house is too crowded the way it is! I'm pretty sure I will end up as one of those old cat lady's hahahah! I'd


The Bimbo Show from the german fetish ball 2007


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