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Alex de Renzy's "Femmes De Sade"
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Alex de Renzy (August 13, 1935 – June 8 , 2001) was an American director and producer of pornographic movies.

Born in San Francisco, California, he served in the United States Air Force. Back in the states, he began making documentary films in San Francisco. In October 1969, de Renzy went to Denmark to attend Sex 69, the first porn trade show hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark after the legalization of adult pornography there. This resulted in his first movie, Pornography in Denmark, which was released the following year.

He was the film editor on Sexual Encounter Group (1970), was cinematographer on seven movies and wrote five screenplays.

The director of 97 movies and producer of 12, his production Lady Freaks (1973) introduced porn star Annette Haven. His movies also include the two 1970s porn classics Babyface (1977) and Pretty Peaches (1978).

He not only filmed hot sex scenes, but strived to tell a story and have good production values. The highly regarded director discovered porn star Desireé Cousteau. At the Erotic Film Awards in the Hollywood Paladium in July 1979, Cousteau, who won Best Performance by an Actress for Pretty Peaches, said in her acceptance speech, as the orchestra accompanied with strains of "Hooray for Hollywood," "Thank, you, Alex de Renzy, I enjoyed being in your film very much and also enjoyed all the great friends I made."

His 1986 movie Moving In features Keisha, Lili Marleen, Nina Hartley, and Stacey Donovan.

He was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame.

Alex de Renzy died at age 65 in Los Angeles, California, during the shooting of his latest production.


  • "Nobody says that cowboy films have to have socially redeeming interest. Why should erotic films have it?"

Partial filmography

  • [ [Pornography in Denmark]] (1970)
  • A History of the Blue Movie (1970)
  • [ [Lady Freaks]] (1973)
  • Femmes De Sade (1976)
  • [ [Babyface (1977 porn movie)|Babyface]] (1977)
  • Pretty Peaches (1978)
  • [ [Dirty Girls (1984 porn movie)|Dirty Girls]] (1984)
  • [ [Moving In]] (1986)
  • [ [The Big Thrill]] (1989)

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A Personal Note from Robin

Robin Roberts was the bondage rigger for "Femmes De Sade", and many of the BackDrop staff members (Candy, Sarona, etc) were extras in the film.


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