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Al Weiss (08/24/50 - † 03/06/2011) was a person actively involved in the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM scene.

To those who knew and loved Al Weiss,

It is with deepest regret that I inform you of the passing of a dear friend. Alan recently went into the hospital suffering from a collapsed lung. Due to many contributing medical factors, he was finding it difficult to breathe and suffered a fatal heart arrest on the morning of March, 6th, 2011 at the age of 60. He is survived by no known living family members except perhaps an uncle that he mentioned at the hospital. If you have any family contact information please send that back to me. Al was a genuinely caring man who spent most of his time helping those around him and he will be deeply missed.

If you know of any persons who should be informed please send along their contact information to my e-mail address or call (415) 221-5579. If you have any information in regards to his final wishes please contact me as soon as possible! If there is anyone who feels they should be involved or in charge of his arrangements please contact me immediately.

In memoriam, Al Weiss

Al Weiss, a long-term player the BDSM scene, passed away from heart failure on Sunday, March 6th, 2001. He was born in 1951, and lived in New York, until coming to San Francisco in the 1970's. He was involved in the BDSM scene since at least the 1980's. He was a member of Backdrop since 1974, and a long-time member of the Society of Janus. Near the end of his life, he went to the Power Exchange almost every weekend and helped them with at least one of their moves from one building to another. He also attended House of Differences, Citadel and BackDrop parties.

Al was a sweet, caring man. He was my friend. He always had stories to tell about the parties he attended and sexuality in general. He was generous with his time and energy. He liked to drive around San Francisco, and he loved his ladies. He worked as an attendant for a couple of his disabled friends. He also helped out with “Bill Graham Presents” as a security guard for awhile for a few years after the Millennium.

Al loved entering radio contests, and was very good at winning prizes. He always knew how to get good deals, and he saved his coupons.

He enjoyed restaurants, especially Tommy's Joynt on Geary and Van Ness, Mel's Diner, and the recently-closed Video Cafe in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco (he always had the tuna salad there, and they knew him by name). He enjoyed shopping at Dollar stores and Costco. He was generous with his contacts; he referred me to both my dentist and my primary care physician. He always had plenty of good advice.

Near the end of his life, Al had a lot of health problems. He had diabetes, lung problems, and severe varicose veins and was in pain much of the time. Despite all this, he continued to work and play, and he was always there for his friends. He had an admirable lust for life.

Al never talked to me about his family of origin. He is survived by his ex-wife, Olga (last name unknown). He had no children. I believe that he considered his friends to be his family, and many people in the BDSM were his friends over the years. He will be missed by many – both in and out of the Scene.

With Loving Memories,
And Empathy for the Rest of Us Who Miss Him,
Lady Shannon


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