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Born 7-14-64, Aja, a sexy brunette with big eyes, full breasts, and a dancer's body appears in 300 adult projects, including At the Pornies, Broadway Brat, Sensuous Sinners and Pillowman. She usually wears a corset to cover stretch marks from losing a lot of weight quickly.

Aja - pronounced Asia, like the continent - entered hardcore in her mid 20s when already married. "My first husband "Don Derringer" did all my anal scenes with me… His cock wasn't big enough to be called a magnum, so it was a derringer…"

The 1988 XRCO and AVN Starlet of the Year measures 35-23-34. She survived a serious fling with drugs, going clean in 1990. "John T. Bone helped me. We saw a lot together artistically… He got me directing… I was on the Methadone maintenance program… I found out that it was difficult to get the prescription filled in Australia…

"So I was on 80mg of methadone… Bone was going to Australia to shoot videos for Parliament and he wanted me to direct some of them. I didn't want to bring heroin into Australia for fear of being arrested. I didn't know where to get it…though when I arrived in Sydney I found it was freely available in Kings Cross.

"In Canada, John Bone locked me in a hotel room for three weeks and I went cold turkey… I will forever owe him a debt of gratitude… I believe that my higher powers (plural, I am pagan) worked through John Bone to get me off drugs.

"My religion is Asatru - Northern European pre-Christian ancestor worship. Odinism."

Aja gets analed in Naughty Neighbors. She did little porn between 1992-96.

Born 7-14-64, she became a personal trainer and stripper. Her commitment to fitness however has not overcome her addiction to smoking.

In 1996, she performed in several porn videos of mixed quality. In 1997, tired of stripping on the road, Aja set up her own porn company, Golden Orchid Productions. She has a deal with Spice to make several pornos.


Marc Simms writes:

Among the many adult film stars to return to the blue screen, Aja has returned with her line of videos and her own production company to boot. Recently Aja was kind enough to sit down with me for a live interview that I am happy to share with all of her fans.

1) Where are you originally from? Some fans are curious to know what your nationality is?

Aja: I am part French. I was an army brat growing up. I originally lived in Portland, Maine, but we had to move a lot. I spent three years in Germany. I really liked the travelling. It opened my mind up to many new things, but I hated leaving the friends I'd make behind.

2) What did you do before you broke into porn and how did you break in? What made you decide to go that route?

Aja: I started out as a dancer in upscale strip clubs like Solid Gold in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I had a girl friend who used to get straight A's in college, wear really nice clothes, and always look great. She told me she was a stripper and helped get me started. Giving me tips and all. Everything was so new to me at the time. I began to meet a lot of people who were in the business. They became good friends of mine and I enjoyed the lifestyle. Getting paid to have sex! After flying back and forth a few times I convinced my then husband, John Derringer to give up his job and we both moved to California. When I was deciding on my stage name, I picked the name off of a Steely Dan Album I really enjoyed. It was called Aja.

3) What awards did you garner back then?

Aja: In 1989 I won Starlet of the year at the AVN Awards and XRCO. I was the first person to garner both awards in the same year. I was also nominated for a Best Actress Award for a film I did entitled, "Mad Love." I am really proud of that nomination because the scene I was nominated for required no dialogue whatsoever. Just facial expressions. It prompted me to take a few acting classes between films.

4) How many years were you on hiatus from adult films?

Aja: I have been in and out here and there. My last hiatus was for about one year. I then became a contract performer for Arrow and continued my studies while I worked. They were so nice to me there. I remember the owner once visited me at class just to tell me I had time to attend my Voice and Diction class. I thought that was so sweet.

5) Given your experience now as a veteran performer and producer, how do you view the Adult Entertainment Industry?

Aja: I don't know. The business doesn't seem to be interested in making stars anymore. Despite a few exceptions like Metro, many filmmakers like John T. Bone appear to be a bit to misogynistic in their portrayal of women on the blue screen. I would like to see more films that emphasize respect for women so couples can enjoy a film together. I think catering to just one market is a bit short sited.

6) Do you think Hollywood and Adult Entertainment are very close or two separate worlds? Have you ever appeared in any mainstream films?

Aja: I haven't appeared in any mainstream films. I didn't care too much for the rigor involved. I mean the Agents send their clients to parties to meet other people who are looking for work. If this is a place to get a job, why is everyone there out of work?

7) Who are your favorite stars and starlets you've worked with in the past and who do you like now?

Aja: I love Nina Hartley. She has such a great spirit. She was made to be in this business. I loved working with Marc Wallace. He was my favorite.

8) Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but would like to? Why?

Aja: No. I am content.

9) How do you feel Porn has changed since you first started?

Aja: The Women are paid less now then they used to be when they first got started. So many performers come and go very quickly too. It is heart breaking because very often new people make a large sum of money and spend every penny thinking it will last forever, but it never does.

10) How do you feel about the recent wave of veteran talent like Ginger Lynn, and Dominique to name a few, coming back to the blue screen?

Aja: I heard Ginger Lynn is returning to do a few films and Tori Welles already made a video. I think it's great if that's what they want to do.

11) If you could work on camera with a non-porn star, which would that be?

Aja: Nicholas Cage. I think he is hot.

12) Were you ever mentored or have you mentored young people getting started in porn?

Aja: Sharon Mitchell was my mentor. I haven't mentored anyone, but I try to treat the people who work on Golden Orchid Productions fairly.

13) What is the most erotic or kinky thing you ever did on or off camera?

Aja: I had sex with a transsexual in one of my early features. It was strange seeing his big cock go into me, but then look up and see a full set of breasts just like a woman's.

14) What are your measurements? How do you stay in shape?

Aja: 34D and my waste is about 23 or 22. I work out at the local gym, but genetics doesn't hurt either.

15) Does your personal life reflect anything back or forth to you personal life?

Aja: Sometimes. I am very busy with so many different elements to work with involving Golden Orchid Productions. I appreciate my free time and weekends.

16) What do you like about the business? What do you hate?

Aja: I love the people I have grown close to over the years. They are really great friends unlike any others I have ever had. I hate the way women are being treated in some productions though. That has to change.

17) What is the philosophy behind Golden Orchid Productions and how did it come to be?

Aja: Golden Orchid Productions are a mix of lighthearted porno films and sexy romantic videos that couples can enjoy together. They don't exploit women or men.

18) Can you tell me your thoughts about the making of "Scenes from the Oral Office" and if you think you might do a sequel?

Aja: There is no sequel planned. I think the issue is played out. I just wanted to make a video that lightened up the whole Clinton/Monica Lewinski scandal.

19) What other films do you have in the works?

Aja: I am developing a series where a novelist lives out her sexual fantasies vicariously through her fiction. I'll be playing the Writer.

20) Do you take suggestions from the fans?

Aja: Absolutely.

21) Are you recognized often by fans?

Aja: Sometimes. It depends where I am. I have been recognized in New York a lot, but most people just give a second glance as if they were thinking, "Is that her?"

22) Can you tell us about the site and your contest?

Aja: A lucky winner will be flown to LA, picked up in a limousine, and put up in a hotel where he will do his first scene. Then I'll try and introduce him to some agents and we'll see what happens.

23) What do you think it takes to be a successful adult film star, guy or girl?

Aja: The ability to feel at ease in front of the camera. For guys, they need to be able to control their orgasms and not cum too soon or take too long to cum on command.

24) What is your most favorite sexual position?

Aja: Missionary position.

25) What are your interests outside porn?

Aja: I love sky diving. Now I know why the birds sing. It is so peaceful up in the clouds.

26) Is there anything you refuse to do in an adult film?

Aja: Though I used to do anal scenes with my ex-husband, I do not do them at all now. I also don't like facials. It is almost as bad is pissing on a woman's face.

27) Are you single?

Aja: Single and loving it.

28) Do you consider yourself Heterosexual, Bisexual, or are you a lesbian? Do you think labels like that are nonsense?

Aja: (Jokingly) I tried to be gay. I really tried, but I am heterosexual. That's who I am.

29) Has porn impacted on your social and personal life in a positive way with friends, family, and relationships?

Aja: Yes. I have many good friends, neighbors, and confidants that are unlike any I ever had before. I love my life.

30) How can fans see your new films?

Aja: They are available at stores and should be available to order very soon at a web site I will be opening up for direct sales.

Of all the Adult Stars I've spoken with, Aja has been one of the friendliest and most down to earth persons I've ever interviewed.

Thank you, Marc Simms

Email: "Missing in the interview with Aja was discussing her past addiction to Heroin, sharing needles during the height of the AIDS crisis..showing up at a set so wasted on smack she was sent home..being canceled at the Foxy Lady (I know I was a bouncer there at the time, circa 1989) for being too high/or bitchy in withdrawals."


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