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An advertisement, or ad for short, is a piece of text and/or image(s), printed or online, or a short audio broadcast (on radio), or a short film (on TV, in cinema, on VHS cassettes and DVDs), that is presented to a target audience to advertise an offer or idea.

Advertisements are used in product marketing, for political purposes, and for personals. Ad creators often try to make their ads entertaining so that they will get a more positive response from the audience.

On the World Wide Web, ads usually come in the form of short text lines beside or below the actual contents, and in the form of graphical banners. A rather annoying form of ads found on the Web are pop-up window ads. For non-adult sites, Google offers products such as AdWords and AdSense for content-sensitive advertising on the Web.

Ads on spanking sites and media

Most spanking pay sites advertise their products and services with ads. Some spanking sites also generate income by displaying foreign ads on their web pages. Most spanking magazine also offer the publishing of personal and commercial ads (usually for a fee) in their issues.

Mainstream television advertising is also starting to use humorous scenes of spanking and other fetishes to grab the viewer's attention. The amount of Spanking and BDSM in TV commercials is on the increase.

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