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Adult spanking art is spanking art where both the spanker and the spankee are adults. Depending on the gender of the spankee, a work of adult spanking art is either man spanking art or woman spanking art.

Popular gender combinations are:

Spanking art websites are typically either only on child spanking art or on adult spanking art; seldom on both. See schisms within the spanko community for more on this. In contrast to child spanking art, adult spanking art is often erotic. There are even some pornographic works; this is possible because works of adult pornography are legally permitted, provided that they are not accessible to minors.

Another thing that sets adult spanking art apart is that there is a lot of commercial and non-commercial photographic and video art created.

In addition to erotic spanking, adult spanking art sometimes features fictional disciplinary spanking, although in real life adults get rarely spanked for discipline. Artistic works of this kind employ, for example, the genre of historic art (e.g. a master spanking an adult servant or slave, as it was not uncommon in past centuries).

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