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Adolfo Mariño Ruiz, also known as simply Ruiz, was born in Tampico. He studied art and architecture and drew his first comics and cartoons in 1935 for Mujeres y Deportes (sports cartoons) and Paquito ('Charros del Bajío'). In the following year, he was present in Paquín with 'El Charro Negro', which was later continued in Chamaco. He eventually began a collaboration with Pepín and worked for publishers like La Prensa, Novedades, Novaro, Promotora K and Editor-Mex. He also self-published his own title, Libro Mensuel. In the 1960s he worked for Edar.

Adolfo Ruiz was also one of the most productive artists for Irving Klaw's Nutrix Company in the USA. Labelled as "the Mexican artist", he produced a great many bondage and fetish comics, that Klaw sold by mail-order in the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike the other associated artists, like Eric Stanton, Jim, and Gene Bilbrew, Ruiz didn't stick to mere bondage and fetish-oriented stories, but interwove these elements into stories that contained conflict situations, period settings and costumes.

Ruiz made stories with revealing titles like 'Taming of the proud princess', 'Battling Yanda fights back', 'Bondage war in Slavia', 'Yolanda's Bizarre Experience' and 'Punishing the tyrant queen'.

Taming of the Proud Princess
An example of Ruiz's work

While most of the people who know Irving Klaw's name associate it with bondage photography in the 1950's, he was also responsible for publishing a series of magazines featuring some of the best bondage artwork ever created.

Most of the artists who worked for Klaw's Nutrix publications (Stanton, Eneg, Jim, etc.) were pretty fetish-oriented: in addition to their (admittedly great) bondage work, their material tended to feature rubber, lingerie, male submissives and forced feminization, elaborate getups, shoe fetishes, and other "BDSM" aspects that rendered it less than wholly satisfying for the fan of "damsel in distress" storytelling.

There was one exception, though: the artist/writer known as Ruiz. While he was certainly no stranger to fetishes like lingerie or elaborate footgear, he seemed most interested in working his bondage situations into a story with the kinds of trappings that appeal to me: situations of conflict (kidnappings, robberies, royal intrigue, etc.), escapes/recaptures, period settings and costumes (though the actual fashions and hairstyles tended to be right out of the 50's, no matter when the story took place!)… oh, and lots of gloating bad girls to distress the heroines: Amazon warriors and cowgirls and lady pirates and much more.

And while most of the Nutrix publications' bondage stories were prose fiction pieces with accompanying illustrations, much of Ruiz' work was in the comic book/comic strip style, heightening the feeling of an old-fashioned adventure tale.

So, I've decided to make this a feature here at Jeb's Adventure Bound: each week, a new full page from one of Ruiz' comics. As one title finishes, another will be added here. In addition, each will have its own index.

This section won't feature anything that Ruiz/Nutrix collectors haven't seen before, and probably in better resolution: for this site, they've only been scanned at 72 dpi, and reduced a bit in size, to optimize viewing on a computer screen and reduce download time, while still allowing the detail of the artist's work to come through. And at one page per week, it will take quite a while to get through even one story. In other words, I'm not trying to replace the (long-unavailable) print editions of these works, as I wouldn't have the right to do so even if I wanted to. This is intended for casual online reading.

His stories include:


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