A Tale of Two Tails

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A Tale of Two Tails is an imcomplete spanking story series by Goombasa with all pairings of spankings. It takes place in a fantasy world with many races of people including humans, kitsune, lycanthropes, and elves. Many of the non-human characters are anthropomorphic animals.


'Spoiler warning'

Rai is a ronin, a deserter of the Imperial army. He is also a two tailed kistune, a phenomenon which has all manner of magical legends surrounding it. Rai, however, is concerned only with keeping his tails out of the way of the Empire. Then he meets a bandit. The bandit has a sword, uncommon for anyone not with the military but Rai is able to easily defeat her. The bandit turns out to be a cat-girl named Mia and the two quickly become friends.


is a kitsue with two tails and excellent sword skills.
is a cat girl who claims to be the greatest bandit in the world. Her bluff works until she is defeated by Rai.
is a young lycanthrope boy who makes ends meet as a pickpocket.
is a young human cross-bread who is an excellent bare-knuckle scrapper but also a bit dim and horribly bratty. Serenity is the original character of Maru-Sha who granted Goombasa permission to use the character.
, an elven mage, is known as 'auntie' to Ly and Serenity as she has taken the children under her 'spanking wing'.
is the council member representing the cat clan. He has a spanking relationship with Korin.
is the council member representing the elf clan. He has a spanking relationship with Nobunaga.
is a young girl who is the representitive of the kitsune clan on the council.



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