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Jump to: navigation, search was a Usenet newsgroup that was originally created as a joke as part of the hierarchy, but rapidly became the centre of an online BDSM community.

Some sources state that the group was created in 1991. However, the first post to that is still recorded in the Google Usenet archive appears to have occurred in June 1989, as a cross-post from the sci.psychology group, and there is active traffic in the group from October 1989 onwards.

The emergence of sex-related spam on Usenet made the group progressively more unusable, and the community moved in 1997 to the soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm newsgroup.

The word "squick" is believed to have originated in, and YKINOK also probably originated or was popularized there.

Ugol's Law was created by Harry Ugol in 1991 within the newsgroup

The name alt was said to refer humorously to "anarchists, lunatics, and terrorists", but is understood by most people today as an abbreviation of "alternative".


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