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A9 has many features which many popular search engines lack. In addition to generic web searching, A9 has the ability to search the book results from Amazon.com that include "Search Inside the Book" (as long as a user registers with Amazon.com). As with Google's Search History, if a user signs in, that user can view their search and click history. The A9 toolbar features a "search diary" designed to allow users to jot down notes about pages that they visit. Another feature is OpenSearch, a set of technologies for search syndication and aggregation.

A9 is now out of its beta version, with a new color scheme. Its interface allows users to combine search results together, allowing side by side comparison of results.

A toolbar add-on exists for Internet Explorer and for Firefox, with support for other browsers under development. Mycroft offers an unofficial plugin.

In its default configuration, A9.com uses nine different search engines for specific uses:

(Rlzh.gifa9.com )


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