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8th and Minna was to be the first of two visits to San Francisco. At 3,500 square feet, it had two store fronts and a large garage downstairs and three apartments upstairs.
When we were in the building, there were two doors on facing 8th Street. The door on the left was used by session clients, while the door on the right was for events and parties.
It is amazing (as I look back today) how many couples met at our parties. Someone once said that I was doing everything I could to work myself out of business. The idea of getting singles together so they could become couples, and then no longer attended BackDrop events might seem ludicrous to some. But there are times, usually about four o'clock in the morning, while I am laying in bed, and I smile. How many children were conceived because of a BackDrop party?
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Picture of Ginger
Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.
  • We had a really cute lady name Ginger on Staff. I often wonder what ever happened to her and her husband?
  • There was a fire down the street from us. Police and fire trucks respond, and every news agency in the Northern Hemisphere. Each of the staff people HAD to go check out the fire, one at a time. After a parade of ladies in short dresses and heels walked down the street, I get asked who and what is a BackDrop, and who are the girls? I say that we are making a movie (which we were that afternoon), and several of the news guys want to interview "our props!"
  • HBO visited BackDrop to tape a segment for "Reel Sex". The Director had little knowledge of BDSM, although several of the camera crew did. After being told to reshoot one particularly simple and boring snippet, I put my foot down and said no. I heard one cameraman ask, "If there is conflict between the Director and the Master, who wins?" I responded, "Who ever owns the building!"
As part of this program, I will never forget 'Bad Boy Roger' dancing about in a pink night gown.
  • I slipped and fell during one morning while taking a shower, putting my foot through the wall. Once again, we remodel a bathroom.
  • One evening, four of us went to House of Prime Rib for dinner. During the course of dinner, a lady at the adjoining table walked by me and took a bit of a fall. I caught her on the way down. She sued the restaurant, claiming she had broken her pelvis. During court depositions, I reported that she had apparently slipped on ice that had fallen on the floor. When asked if the ice had been picked up, I answer, "Yes." - "Did they pick up all of the ice?" - "Yes" - "Did you get down on your hands and knees and check to see if all ice had been cleaned up?" - "No, Masters don't do hands and knees!" - Their attorney then says, "Your Honor, we would like another recess!"
  • In September of 1993, WorldCon held its Annual SciFi convention (ConFrancisco) in San Francisco. Multics and the Arisia people held a three day "alt.sex.bondage" party at the BackDrop clubhouse in conjunction with ConFrancisco.
  • Susan decided she wanted to return to teaching, and I felt San Francisco would not be the best/safest venue for her. I sold the session business to Ed and Damian (also know as Makita, 'the finest name in power tools') and she changed the name to Castlebar. I moved the club, Susan and I to Mountain View.
The following year, Damian moved Castlebar 'and her chicken' to Old Bayshore Highway across from Gilmans Hardware store.

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