15 Session Rules

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1. You will remember that you are in state of slavery at all times. All persons will referred to in a state of reverence.

2. You will be required to know and understand and obey these rules.

3. When you are in the same room as your Master, you will not allow your mouth to be completely closed, nor will you allow your knees to touch each other.

4. You will not touch any telephone unless so directed. You will not be allowed any incoming and/or outgoing calls without expressed permission of your Master. You will not touch or use any key, of any form, without verbally expressed permission or order.

5. You will cut cigarette and coffee consumption by one half, and abstain from all alcoholic consumption and between meal snacks.

6. You will be allowed to use the bathroom four times daily: before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and berfore retiring for the night. If you wish to use the bathroom at any other time, you must request permission, but an act of reverence may be required for disturbing the Master or his delegate.

7. You will express gratitude to any person who offers correction to you, in any way, whether they use words or implements.

8. You will speak only when spoken to. Answers should be short but concise. You will not hold conversations with anyone without permission from your Master.

9. If any person has been named as a delegate by your Master, you will be required to do whatever they tell you to do, regardless of your desires.

10. You will be required to keep all living spaces clean at all times, and to act as a servant to your Master and his guests.

11. If you are in your Master's apartment and hear a knock on an outside door, you are to go to the bedroom and wait for instructions. If you are in your Master's session room and hear a knock on the door, you will stand facing the door. Upon hearing a second knock, you will kneel on the floor facing away from the door.

12. You will wear any clothing or makeup prescribed.

13. You may rest upon the floor if you have completed all other assignments. You will not seat or rest upon a bed or sofa, except during darkness, without permission.

14. You will be required to learn the Six Rules of Subjective Behavior, the meanings of HOPE, FAITH and CHARITY, as well as other material ordered by your Master.

15. You will keep a diary (or log) of this entire experience.


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