BackDrop Club Membership Application
and Club Information Request

"Party-Lines Newsletter"is published monthly by the Staff of The BackDrop Club.
An average issue is eight to twelve pages of stories, news, and a calendar of Club events.
Our newsletter is primarily text, although photos and/or drawings are often added to brighten its' pages.

You may pay for membership dues using our Credit Card, PayPal interface; or you may print the application and fax it to (650)964-3879;
or you mail it to BackDrop Club, PO Box 390486, Mountain View, CA 94043, or you may bring it by the clubhouse in person.

Full Membership

We are a pansexual group, but our membership is primarily heterosexual
Minimum age for membership is 18 years of age

Annual dues are $50/year for singles and $10 for each additional family member
Membership is required to attend almost all events at The BackDrop Club.

Inner Circle Membership

Inner Circle Membership requires being sponsored by a
Staff member or another Inner Circle member.

Annual memberships dues are $250/year for singles or couples
Inner Circle membership includes Newsletter;
free attendance to two workshops; free attendance to two Slave Auctions,
invitation to "Inner Circle Private Parties";
and a jacket with BackDrop Club logo

I wish to join The BackDrop Club

By clicking on this link, you may subscribe to our Events ListServer by sending email
to with subscribe on the Subject: line

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