Forums and Workshops

BackDrop sponsors forums and workshops to allow the membership to learn more about specific topics and a place for the more advanced devotees to practice and improve their skills. We usually invite persons or groups who are very knowledgeable to act as moderators. (This also provides an exceptionally good place for the more experienced devotees to develop teaching skills.)

Our Club Calendar and "Party-Lines Newsletter" indicate the times and dates the the following events are held. Some, but not all, of the workshops/forums we have held in the past are:

  • "How to Meet Others" with emphasis on where to find people who have common interests, "body language" and "Rites of Passage" training.

  • Beginners "how to" Workshop. You can learn how to tie a knot, where to buy equipment, or plan a session

  • Bondage Photography demos and discussions.

  • Photo Darkroom techniques

  • "Industrial Strength" bondage Using "things" that won't fit in toys bags - and seldom fit in a pickup truck or van!

  • Leather Workshops: topics range from clothing to the fabrication of restraints (with special consultations on tools and toolmaking).

  • Advanced Leather workshop - You must have attended the leather workshop to qualify for attendance to this workshop

  • Master/slave - Mistress/slave training techniques.

  • People as Objects workshop with discussion and demos of people as furniture and/or objects, long term bondage

  • Protocol and Etiquette workshops

  • Rubber and Latex: demonstrations on how to manufacture and maintain a wardrobe

  • Scenes without Toy Bag: How to use what's on hand when you don't have your toy-bag

  • Spanking techniques and equipment.

  • People as Pets / Pony Play Workshop - Discussion, training techniques and examples

  • Pony Play 2 - For those wanting to go beyond preliminary pony training into specific styles/techniques of pony play.

  • Wrestling

  • Enemas, colonics and related activities.

  • Watersports ("Golden showers").

  • Infantilism: how to make or buy, baby clothes, and some of the problems directly related to these topics.

  • Transvestism and Trans-sexuality

The dates for forums vary from month to month to allow everyone an opportunity to attend. We provide refreshments at free of charge. Non-members pay ten dollars per couple to attend, members pay five dollars, Inner Circle members attend free of charge.

If there are enough people who are interested in any specific subject or topic, we will establish a workshop on that subject.

If you would like to be involved in a workshop, call and ask for more information.