You forgot your toy bag. Now what?

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet that perfect stranger, totally by chance, and lightning're just dying to play, and they feel the same. This is the moment...and your toybag's at home! What do you do?


You're out with somebody very special. You want to do something that really gets their attention, but you're in a restaurant full of vanilla people whose attention you DON'T want. Or out in the park, and there's all these kids... Oh sure, you can wait till later when you're home, but wouldn't it be hot if you could do something right here, right now, and nobody figured it out? What do you do?

We all know about whips and ropes and toys, but sometimes they're not available -- or not advisable. Don't give up; with a few choice strategies from this workshop and a little imagination you can create a scene both of you will never forget.

Robin has built quite a collection of ideas for scenes without conventional toys, scenes using whatever might be handy at the time, and scenes without any toys at all! Anyone who's been on BackDrop's staff has learned at least a few of his secrets, and occasionally he's been persuaded to share them with others. We're happy to say this is one of those occasions; sign up and add some spice to your "virtual" playbook!

Robin Roberts

Robin regularly teaches classes in many of the components of the BDSM lifestyle. His "How to Meet Others" class has started many novices on the road to integrating their fantasies into their lives. His workshops on bondage, leathercraft, and dozens of other topics of fetish interest have been well-attended for decades. He has an uncanny knack for taking things that look complicated and breaking them down into simple, straightforward pieces. He makes it look easy, and he makes it fun. We're happy to be able to host some of his classes here at the Playhouse. (Bio supplied by Lorrett of Fantasy Makers)