Why do we require reservations?

We, the Staff of BackDrop, want your every visit to be a very enjoyable one.

To this end, we want our clubhouse to be warm, clean, well lit and safe.

We would like to have the appropriate number of chairs or other equipment set up and in place before you show up, rather than asking our guests "to help moving the furniture".

We usually provide snacks, soft drinks, and in the case of our recent New Years Eve Party; champagne. What doesn't get eaten at our events, Sara and I have the following day. Now, I find having left over champagne and orange juice for breakfast enjoyable, and quite Continental, but chocolate morsels with cheese fondue for breakfast is a bit much.

Unlike most venues, we do monitor single to couple ratios. We don't want couples to feel like they are the entertainment or "being on show" for singles.

Many of our events are also gender-balanced. There is a finite number of single females that will attend
events by themselves, and we don't want a 50 to 1 male female ratio.

At a recent event, over half of the people who made reservations didn't show up.

We don't want to waste value resources because that will ultimately drive our costs up,
which we will have to pass on to you, our members and guests.