Party Reservations Information

Reservations are required to attend almost all of our events. This is done so that we can determine how much material will be required for a workshop or a forum; the amount of food or beverages we need to prepare for a party or event; and/or the proper number of reservations needed if we will be visiting one of our local restaurants.

To make a reservation, click here and go to our online store.
Reservations can sometimes be made a few hours in advance of an event by calling 650-965-4499.

If you elect to mail your payment for the party, please allow enough time for the postal service to deliver it to us in advance of the event. If you are a member, you may make reservations by telephone and pay for the event at the door.

If you find that you cannot attend, please call the clubhouse and cancel your reservation. The deadline for canceling reservations is noon on the day of the event. If you call and cancel twelve hours before an event, your money will be refunded. If you do not cancel your reservation, your money will NOT be refunded.

If you do not have a reservation, there is still a possibility that you may be able to attend. From time to time we have last minute cancellations. If someone has cancelled, you may attend the party in their place. Be prepared to pay for your ticket at the door.

Events are usually held at the BackDrop clubhouse. However, some events are held in the restaurants or private homes of Club Members. The reservation system also allows us enough time to let everyone know where an event will be held.

We, the Staff of Back Drop, recognize that there are quite a few people who would like to attend most, if not all, of the events that we produce. These people are very interested in what we are doing, but due to the costs involved they feel they must decline attendance. For these people, we often offer free or reduced fee attendance in exchange for assisting with an event.

Why do we limit party size

We have a finite amount of space. At this time, we have rented a commercial space which is quite large. We continue to limit size in order to be sure we have the resources available to accommodate all who attend.