Open Play Parties

BackDrop holds an Open Play Parties every Saturday night.

This event was designed to allow members and non-members the opportunity to get together in an unstructured environment. They get a chance to meet one another, to talk, play, and do just a "little bit more than you can elsewhere". After all, you can show everyone at a munch that new flogger you bought, but you can't really demonstrate your abilities there.

This is an exceptionally good event to explore new fantasies and ideas in a safe environment.

Since this event is open to members and non-members, we would hope that you dress accordingly: leather and lace is fine, total nudity (except when you're playing) is not, and of course, we are BDSM club and not a swingers club

BackDrop is "home" to a lot of our BDSM friends and family Please treat BackDrop like your home away from home. Just like at home, you should clean up behind yourself, don't touch someone else's behind, o or play with their property without permission, and always keep a towel between your bare behind and our furniture!.

If you wish to play, you're welcome to attend. Basic club rules apply: No kids, no drugs, no drunks, and of course no sex for money!

We usually provide a light refreshment at this pansexual event

Cost is $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple

Space is limited, so please call 650-965-4499 to make reservations at least 36 hours in advance.
Sometimes we can accept last minute reservations, but DON'T count on it!