Open Dinner Parties

Open dinner parties are held on the first Saturday of each month. We meet at the clubhouse between seven and eight pm. We take a little time to get to know each other, share experiences and perhaps a glass of wine. Promptly at eight-fifteen, we leave the clubhouse for a local restaurant. The name of the chosen restaurant is held in secrecy until we are ready to leave the house. We do this for security and convenience. By not divulging the location, we avoid having any of any dinner guests arriving at the restaurant ready for salad, while the rest of us are ready for desserts. If we all arrive at the same time, the restaurant staff can serve us more effectively. This is important because of the size of our parties. The cost of the tickets for this event include the cost of the dinner and wine. If you wish a special appetizer or cocktail with your dinner, you should plan to bear the additional costs.

After dinner, we return to the Clubhouse. We hold a brief vocabulary lesson to insure that words which are used within the group have the same meaning to everyone. We then re-introduce ourselves to the rest of the group, with a brief description of what we are interested in. We also give an idea of what types of involvements we have had, and for how long.

When introductions have been completed, we get into a brief group rap session. The topic varies from month to month, but is something everyone attending can relate to. We may form smaller groups, and even use the session rooms. Each of the smaller groups discuss some item of interest to that group. Some groups may have demonstrations, while others get involved in sessions. You are free to move about open areas of the clubhouse. You may be asked to participate in sessions. If you do not wish to be involved, just say 'No, thanks'. We understand that some people wish to proceed slowly. Some people enjoy watching a lot more than doing.

If you wish to spend some private time with someone, it is fine with us. What you do behind closed doors is your business. We suggest, however, that you do it at another time; spend this evening getting to know other people.

Some of the staff personnel enjoy having an escort. If you are single and wish to attend this event with someone, you should contact the club offices.

If this type of event sounds like something you would like to attend, make reservations well in advance. The parties are limited in size to thirty people. The cost is thirty dollars for singles, fifty for couples.