Master/slave and/or Mistress/slave Dinner Party

Before we extend an invitation to you, we would like you to know what is expected of you and yours. We ask that you be able to meet our requirements.

These parties are scheduled on Saturday evenings on a regular basis. The cost to attend is twenty-five dollars for couples. This event is open to members and their guests only. (If you are not a member, you might ask one of the staff members about sponsoring you and your guest.)

The following is a scenario used at one of recent parties:


Since you have received this invitation, you are a Master or a Mistress. (For convenience, the term Master as used in these procedures refers to persons, regardless of sex, who have the ownership or use of a slave.) Because you have this type of relationship, our club would like to invite the two of you to a Master/slave Dinner Party.

As Club Director, I usually act as host. Should you decide to accept this invitation, please confirm your reservation at least twenty-four hours before the party. You may reach me any weekday before 8 pm. You should also visit the clubhouse before the party. In this way, you can take a look at the facilities and perhaps drop off any special equipment that you may want to use on the night of the party. Your visit will also allow you to know our exact location. (It could prove very embarrassing for you and slave to show up at the wrong location, and even worse if the slave is in bondage.)

In order for this party to be a complete success, there are a few simple rules that we ask you to follow. These rules are guidelines, they may be changed slightly on the night of the party, but only if the majority of those present agree to modify them.

1. Your slave should be costumed in an outfit that will enhance their role.

2. Prior to leaving your home, your slave's wrists should be bound. You should use leather cuffs, metal handcuffs or any material fitted with locks. You may wish to lock them in front during your trip if you must travel for any length of time.

3. You should plan to arrive at the clubhouse between 7:45 and 8:30 the evening of the party.

4. Drive to the designated parking area, enter the building and place a blindfold on your slave.

5. Lead your slave into the house. Assistance will be provided if you desire. Place your slave in the place allocated. Give your slave the command to "STAY". You may want to use ankle restraints or similar equipment.

6. At this time, please return to the parking area and move your car to an assigned parking space. In this way other Masters and Mistresses will be able to use the concealed parking space.

7. Upon returning to the clubhouse, sit anywhere, with your slave at your feet if you wish. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the fellowship of the others in attendance.

8. Formal introductions will be made by your host once all guests have assembled.

9. After introductions, your host will ask each of the guests to introduce and display their slaves. Your slave may be asked questions, but it is up to you if they will reply.

10. Dinner will be set up in the serving area on a sideboard. You will be asked to view the food provided. In that way, you may instruct your slave in the way you wish your food served, and in what quantities.

11. Once the Masters and Mistresses have been served, the slaves will be allowed to serve food for themselves. (At the time you place your dinner reservation, you may wish to inform me of any special food requirements for either Master/Mistress or slave.)

12. After we have enjoyed dinner, there will be an opportunity to relax while the slaves clear the dining table.

13. We will set aside a time for discipline sessions. Perhaps keeping a small notebook of offenses during the week preceding the party might be a good idea. If you do not wish to avail yourself of the time, please wait for others to do so. (Private discipline areas can be arranged by advance request.)

14. There may be a few of the Masters and Mistresses who may wish to exchange slaves. Please remember that most Masters or Mistresses spend quite a lot of energy in training their slave to their own requirements. Take the time to find out what limits and techniques are used. (You should obviously ask the Dominant!)

15. Drugs of any kind are definitely prohibited. We also ask our guests to please refrain from alcoholic over-indulgence.

16. Tape recorders or photographic equipment are not allowed without prior permission and agreement of everyone present.

This type of party is for all of the Masters and Mistresses to enjoy. The slaves may or may not enjoy themselves; at their Masters' or Mistresses' discretion.