Industrial Strength Bondage

Everyone (almost) has had the opportunity to use handcuffs.

Have you ever used an engine hoist? How about industrial strength ladders and scaffolds? Electric winches? Pallet wrap?

We all know about whips and ropes and toys, but sometimes they're not available -- or just can't get the job done. We've all met "that special person" who smiles and says, "You don't scare me". That's when you bring out the salvage saw and an oxy-acetylene torch.

Robin has quite a collection of ideas for scenes with unconventional toys, scenes using whatever might be handy at the time, and scenes without any toys at all! Anyone who's been on BackDrop's staff has learned at least a few of his secrets, and occasionally he's been persuaded to share them with others. We're happy to say this is one of those occasions; sign up and add some spice to your "virtual" playbook!

Robin Roberts

(Bio supplied by Lorrett of Fantasy Makers)

Robin can be accurately described as the father of BDSM in Northern California. He started the Menlo Park School of Bondage in the mid-Sixties, then expanded it into BackDrop Club, the first openly BDSM social organization in the area (in fact, one of the first in the country). The club is alive and active today, and in the last four decades has launched and/or inspired dozens of fetish-involved organizations (Fantasy Makers among them), and many professional Dominatrices and submissives.

Robin regularly teaches classes in many of the components of the BDSM lifestyle. His "How to Meet Others" class has started many novices on the road to integrating their fantasies into their lives. His workshops on bondage, leather craft, and dozens of other topics of fetish interest have been well-attended for decades. He has an uncanny knack for taking things that look complicated and breaking them down into simple, straightforward pieces. He makes it look easy, and he makes it fun. We're happy to be able to host some of his classes here at the Fantasy-Makers Playhouse.