Slave Auctions

You may attend the event as a single, but you will have a lot more fun if you go as a couple. It is advisable that if you attend this event, you write a short note describing yourself, explain what you will do and restrictions, if any. This will help the "auctioneer" sell your services. It may be written in a serious or fantasy style, that is your prerogative.

There is usually more than one auction in any one given night. One will be for those people who enjoy the fantasy style. We "capture" a slave from another country or world (John Norman's "GOR"?) and enjoy interaction with a slave who can not speak our language. The period of sale is for the duration of the first auction only. We then have a short intermission, during which the slaves "miraculously" relearn English.

The second auction is for the more serious devotee. As each person arrives, he or she is given an envelope containing play money. Each envelope has a random amount of money in it, just to make things more interesting. Anyone can place their slave (or themselves) on the block. You can sell a block of time, or a service, as either a submissive, a Dominant, or switch. The auctioneer will introduce you, explain what you will or will not do, and then open the bidding. Upon completion of the sale, you get the purchase price. (You might want to tip the auctioneer.) Depending upon the size of the group, it is possible to be bought and/or sold more than once in the course of the evening.

Please note that these events are held at 8 pm on Friday nights. The time is scheduled to give you plenty of time to get home from work, shower and get ready for an entire evening of fun at our Clubhouse.

The cost to attend this event is twenty-five dollars per couple. Singles may attend but must buy a couples ticket. Reservations are required to attend this event.