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Why do we make CD's

BackDrop maintains a BBS for its members.

We currently have well over 2.5G-Bytes (30,000 files) on-line for down-load. To maximize our own drive space, we bought a CD-ROM writer and started storing a lot of our files on CD-ROM's. Many of our members don't like the idea of sitting at their computer waiting to download files and the phone companies getting a big cut of their paycheck!

What's on these CD's

You may anonymous ftp a list of files/directories directly from ftp.backdrop.net; send email to Robin@backdrop.net with HELP as a single word on the Subject: line; or download them now...

Description Disk Description # Files CDSize Downloadable Index Price
CD-G Words and Films 22,000+ 500mb+ Drive-G.zip $20.00
CD-H B&D and X-Rated Pictures 6,000+ 600mb+ Drive-H.zip $25.00
CD-I All R-Rated Pictures 6,000+ 600mb+ Drive-I.zip $25.00
CD-J B&D Pictures / Movies 7,000+ 650mb+ Drive-J.zip $25.00
CD-K All R-Rated Pictures 9,500+ 650mb+ Drive-K.zip $25.00
CD-L B&D and Fetish Pictures 9,500+ 650mb+ Drive-L.zip $25.00
CD-M B&D and Fetish Pictures 9,500+ 650mb+ Drive-M.zip $25.00
CD-N B&D and Fetish Pictures 11,000+ 650mb+ Drive-N.zip $25.00
CD-0 B&D Pictures & Drawings 11,000+ 600mb+ Drive-O.zip $25.00
CD-P R-Rated & Fetish Pix 12,000+ 650mb+ Drive-P.zip $25.00
CD-Q B&D and B&D Anime Pix 11,100+ 646mb+ Drive-Q.zip $25.00
CD-R B&D Pictures 9,400+ 649mb+ Drive-R.zip $25.00
CD-S B&D Series Pictures 8,900+ 650mb+ Drive-S.zip $25.00
CD-T B&D Pictures 10,000+ 623mb+ Drive-T.zip $25.00
CD-U B&D Series Pictures 10,400+ 632mb+ Drive-U.zip $25.00
CD-V B&D Pictures 10,200+ 624mb+ Drive-V.zip $25.00
CD-W B&D Series Pictures 10,800+ 648mb+ Drive-W.zip $25.00
(Prices include tax and shipping charges anywhere in the USA.)

How can you order one of these CD's?

You can:

  1. call 650-965-4499 and order a CD-ROM's using a credit card or check.

  2. fax an order to 650-964-3879,

  3. send Email to web.cdorders@backdrop.net

Prepared by Robin Roberts -- 1994, 1999

Email to club.info@backdrop.net