I’ll try to be brief —

— and to the point.

This past week, I was asked about, “why don’t you have a Facebook page?”

I currently maintain and edit SM 201 which has 19,000 pages. I also run the BackDrop Website which currently has over 12,000 pages. BackDrop currently receives several thousand e-mails per week and every one of them expect an answer. I am also involved in a half-dozen business ventures, and I just don’t have the time to post on other websites.

If you want all the news, fit to print or not, this will be the place to look. I promise to keep my posts brief and on target. I will also try to avoid, as the old saying goes, religion, cars, and politics. Sex however as a topic will be included .

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For those new people —

This is been quite a week, for me and for the BDSM community in San Francisco.

Wednesday, March 16, was my father’s 90th birthday. It was also the day that we buried Al Weiss. Al has been a member of BackDrop (MS#00137 of over 6,000) and a member of the community since the mid-1970s he has been a very great help to everyone around him. Al’s passing, I am sure, will be felt by all those people who knew him.

It is also strange that his passing prompted me to start this blog. It was the passing of a famous professional mistress that prompted the beginning of the “SM201 Icon Project”.

I am hoping that this blog will contain many of my personal thoughts, most of which are happy.

Please check back on a regular basis to see what is happening in my life.

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In the beginning —

I have decided to add a blog to the BackDrop/SM-201 website.

This feature will allow us to add thoughts to the website.

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