For friends, family, and the fallen

This year saw the passing of many of my long-term, closest friends; Quentin, Al Weiss, Jim Johnson, Marcus and Barbara to name but a few. I will miss all of these people and many, many more as they have truly left holes in the fabric of my life. True, I will have a few less Christmas cards to address, phone calls to make and “home visits” on my agenda, but I think I would much rather have them back in my life.

I will miss every one of them.

Tomorrow, December 7, we celebrate Pearl Harbor Day. Most, if not all of my readers, will not be able to tell you where they were on this particular date in 1941. I don’t remember exactly where I was because I was only four months old at the time. According to my mother and father, I was in the bottom drawer of a dresser in some hotel in Boston Massachusetts. My father was in the Navy and his ship was performing escort and patrol duties off the East Coast of the United States. As his ship sailed from port to port along the East Coast my mom would take a train from city to city to meet him whenever she could, hence bottom dresser drawers in various hotels. As you can see, it was ingrained in me from very early age to be cognizant of people who give their lives and their all for this country.

As we approach the holiday season, I would hope that each and every one of us would go out of our way to call,write or visit everyone of our friends and family. I will ask every one of you to remember all of our friends and family for giving us the opportunity to know them, for being in our lives, and giving us the support that we need to make it through each and every day.

And finally, please find some way to thank the serviceman and their families for their help in defending our country and its leaders. (You may not like one or more of them, but remember your honoring the office and not the person.) Almost every city will be holding some sort of observance or parade tomorrow. Take some time from your very, very busy schedules and attend a parade. Applaud the service people who have served our country. Please remember that every fallen comrade in arms has left behind a family and an extended family of people who will miss them as well. If nothing else, find a way to donate a little time or money to ANY organization that helps someone in need.

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