It was an exceptional evening until…

I had not seen her for several weeks. I picked her up at seven o’clock. Her makeup was well done. She was wearing a beautiful peach colored dress, thigh high stockings and high heels.

When we went to dinner at Benihana, the eyes of several males followed her as she walked through the room. The eyes of several females followed the eyes of the males and a few elbow jabs cause the male eyes to refocus. Dinner was wonderful. I convinced the owner of the restaurant to give me a few of the linen napkins. As we drove home, one was used as a blindfold and the other as a gag. A seatbelt was used to hold her in place with her hands behind her back.

When we arrived at my home she was released and instructed to set up massage table in the session room and remove all clothing except her panties. While she was doing that I went to my office and check for anything that needed my immediate attention. She entered my office and knelt beside my chair, awaiting further orders. She took my hand and led me to the session room. I sat in a chair as she helped me get undressed. An hour of massage removed the tension from my body and I was getting quite relaxed.

After the massage, she was instructed to put the session room back together. She approached me on her knees and we began to talk about the days events. The two of us began a period of “intimate touching”. From somewhere, a vibrator magically appeared. The music was quiet, the candles were providing a soft glow and things were progressing quite nicely.

She was quickly approaching that ultimate orgasm, uttering those beautiful sounds that ladies make when they are truly enjoying themselves. The music emanating from the radio was somehow feeding our passion. Suddenly, the music was interrupted by a shrill cacophony of sound that precedes an emergency broadcast system alert.

The moment was lost.

I have decided not to listen to that radio station again.

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