RCR-70 and a BIG thank you to all

RCR-70 and a big thank you to all.

Many people ask me about my birthday. When asked which date, I generally respond “August”. Their retort is which day and August. I usually respond, “All of August”. With the myriad number of groups of people I am involved with, I try to hold special time for each group. This also allows me to reward people who are involved with multiple facets of my life. Besides, I don’t want there to be any cross-pollenization amongst the various groups.

On thirteenth August, a group of people that I’m involved with in my fetish and bondage photography business got together in Sunnyvale. One of the photos from that photo shoot has been jokingly titled “Cupcake” and can be seen at http://www.backdrop.net/rr/cupcake.htm

Mari is lit by 70 candles. One of the people present joked that it was a good thing we had reserved the space for two hours to give us time to light all of the candles. In reality, I had bought two lighters. Another comment was will there be enough light? Response: “It is after all, 70 candlepower”. There were also a lot of jokes about fire permits, Smokey the bear, and do you have enough breath to blow out all of the candles. Friends. Sheesh.

My family and I had a “Birthday Dinner” on Wednesday so I could spend time with friends on Thursday.

I had originally planned on having a fairly large party for RCR 70 on Thursday. Unfortunately, at the last minute the venue that I had chosen was not available. So Plan B was to delay RCR 70 until September. A close circle of friends decided on their own however that we should still have something on August 18, so we all met at the Iron Gate in Belmont. I chose the filet topped with pate and covered with a Béarnaise sauce and a Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert.

Elegant dining, excellent service, and more importantly, a table filled with good friends.

Friday morning, I got a call from a lady who had been unable to attend dinner on Thursday. She said she would like to come by and serve dinner for me. I said that I was agreeable, would 8pm be acceptable. She said she had some things to arrange, and might be a few minutes late. She arrived, almost on time, wearing a sexy white dress and heels. She had stopped by the Fish Market and picked up cioppino, and shrimp with a lime and chili sauce.

I was busy working in my computer room while she was preparing everything. A few minutes later she knelt beside my desk wearing a collar, a smile, a sheer apron, panties and nothing else. She took my hand a led me to the table. Candles had been lit and a bottle of White Zinfandel wine had been opened and poured. Dinner was followed by a peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream (the only thing vanilla about the entire evening), a bondage session (I found another use for birthday cake candles!), a shave (straight razors are good for removing wax), massage and shower.

When I asked about her clothing, she replied she didn’t want to get cioppino on her dress. I really couldn’t argue with the logic of that!

I really do enjoy my Birthday parties, each and every one, but somehow this one, my 70th was REALLY good. And I still have the final party when Zahir gets his restaurant finished and opened this next week.

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