Where shall I go from here??

When I first started this blog its intent was to provide a venue of personal feelings, explorations, and a place for stories that do not fit the SM 201 website format.

At first, I posted a couple of articles and for the longest time seemed that no one was even reading them. Over this weekend a friend of many years told me that she enjoyed reading what I had to say about my history (“His-story”) about events in my past.

So I shall continue my blog and try to relate some of the events about me, my family, my “family”, my friends and all things BackDrop.

If any of my readers have a specific question, please post your comments and I will answer as many questions as I can, truthfully, while protecting the identities of the (purported) “innocent”.
With that in mind I will begin posting to this blog on a regular basis.
You may contact me at:

Robin@backdrop.net or 650-965-4499

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