Dinner memory of the decade?

When it comes to history, the Hayward clubhouse probably produced more memories than any of our other venues. One that really comes to mind is evening of dinner and cocktails at Solomon Grundy’s in Berkeley California.
Mistress Robbie had been on staff with us a few years earlier. She was visiting town from Florida and I invited her to have dinner with me. Sarona and Gabriel had been working that day so I thought for some for dinner the extraordinary. For dinner, I had Sarona and Gabriel dress in short white dresses, collars and high heels. For jewelry, I adorned each of them with a two foot piece of chain locked around her left wrist. Both of them were instructed to allow the chain to hang pendant. Mrs. Robbie and I were both dressed in total black.
Since Mrs. Robbie would be returning to San Francisco that evening we decide to take two cars. Sarona would ride with Mistress Robbie and Gabriel would ride with me. When we arrived at Solomon Grundy’s, each of the girls got out of the car, went to the other side of the car and held the doors for Mistress Robbie and myself and we left our cars for the valet parker. As we entered the restaurant the girls held doors for us.
Mrs. Robbie and I were in conversation so the girls ordered dinner for us. They tasted the wine, they cut our meat, and did everything they could to make our evening enjoyable and without interruption. After dinner the girls held our chairs and escorted us outside. Mistress Robbie and I said our goodbyes. It was then that Sarona reminded us that she was still under service to Mistress Robbie.
She knelt before Mistress Robbie, who removed her collar and handed it to me. I stepped in front of Sarona and reinstalled her collar.
Under other circumstances (like being at the clubhouse) this would not have been anything out of the extraordinary. Unfortunately, the valet parker was watching this transaction and was totally distracted. Distracted to the point that the poor boy walked through a plate glass sliding door. The four of us insured that he was not hurt or cut. Mrs. Robbie headed for San Francisco, the rest of us headed for Hayward and home.
It was during this ride that Sarona, Gabriella and I discussed the events of the evening and began to laugh heartily. How did this poor valet parker describe how our “transfer of power ceremony” to his employer? Would he be able to keep his job? How much of an erection did he REALLY have?

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